Friday, April 10, 2020

The Big Brawl

At first they said it would be just a week or two,
We thought ‘What fun’ and said “Woohoo!”
But after our friends we could not see,
And were forced to only watch t.v.,
We decided staying home is not much fun at all,
Resulting in my brothers and I getting into a big brawl!

Here is the website where I found the image


  1. Good Afternoon!
    My, your image and poem are wonderfully entertaining. The vivid images you create with words is nicely complemented by the photo.

    Do you enjoy writing poetry? Since April is poetry month, your post is right on target.

    Keep up the good work on your blogging. Oh! What type of pigs do you show?

    Best wishes,
    Mrs. Doran
    #STUBC commenter
    Cave Creek, Arizona

    1. Yes, I do enjoy writing poetry. I have shown every breed of pigs, but I mainly show Yorks. If you don’t know what a York is, it is just an all white pigs that is up-eared.

  2. Hi Billy Bob,
    My name is Norah. I am a Student Blogging Challenge commenter.
    I enjoyed your poem. Being in lockdown and not being able to see anyone is difficult, isn't it? It is keeping us safe from the virus though. I hope you and your family stay well.
    I like the image you chose for your post. It fits your poem perfectly.
    Best wishes,

    1. Yes, it is very difficult being in lockdown and not being able to see my friends.

    2. I can relate to that because that’s nothing but what I’ve done since school shut down

  3. Hi Billy Bob,
    My name is Bobeigh and I agree with you 100% Staying at home is not as fun as I thought it would be but at least I get to babysit my sister I thought I would be able to see my parents a lot more since this huge pandemic is going on but their jobs both count as necessary so they work a lot more than they did

  4. Hi Billy Bob I liked your poem, it made me think of me with my brother, we fight a lot.

  5. My sisters came home and I also thought it would just be fun but we start arguing over who would get the last bite of food and it resulted in us fighting too